L.A. League Sweater

Sometime either at the end of December 2013 or early January 2014 or who knows really when I saw this, it was a while ago I saw this post on Tumblr I knew I HAD to knit this:

I wants it.

I wants it.

This sweater was knit by one of the ambassadors for Wool and the Gang and I was sort of bummed when I went to their site and couldn’t find any more information about the pattern.  Luckily for me, it must have taken Tumblr by storm because lo and behold one night while I was browsing the site looking at all the pretty yarn I couldn’t really afford (I think I might have been trying to figure out how to make this sweater myself from the pictures and seeing if I could find a comparable yarn to the Shiny Happy Cotton from which the original is knit), I discovered that they had made a kit for it.  Sold.  No seriously, just take my money and gimme!

I broke down and ordered the kit (good thing I got my taxes done early!) and I have to say I am always impressed with the shipping speed of the things I order from England.  I swear sometimes, I get things faster than from places in America.  My kit arrived within 3 or so business days and it was pretty cute I have to admit:



Inside were lots of awesome goodies.  I figured since I was splurging anyway I would buy some of their lovely rosewood knitting needles while I was at it.

Kit Supplies

So I ended up with a pair of knitting needles, 17 balls of yarn, the pattern, and some tapestry needles that I didn’t even realized came with the kit, but since I only have one large plastic yarn needle that is impossible to sew with, it was kind of a nice surprise.

I am gearing up to start this and since the yarn is chunky and the needles are pretty big I anticipate a fast project (it’s kind of Wool and the Gang’s MO.  I don’t think many of their projects require needless less than a size 10).  I have to say about the ONLY thing I am disappointed about is that the original sweater was knit in cotton because the designer lives in California, but for some reason the kit uses their Wooly Bully line which is an Alpaca/Merino blend.  However, always one to make lemonade at least since I have the pattern I can always save up and buy some of their cotton yarn if I want to make a summer weight sweater.  Granted living in the Midwest where the summer usually consists of perpetually feeling like you’ve been wrapped in a wet blanket and then shoved into an oven to roast, the idea of a summer sweater is mildly hilarious.

You can find the kit details here.  If you want to add the knitting needles make sure you check the box for them before you add to your cart.


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